If you can’t find your car and you believe that your car was recently towed, it can be pretty shocking.  Often, finding your car after it has been towed can be a scary process.  This site was created to help simplify that process.  It is intended to be a database of all the towed car databases in the county.  Not every city has an online towed car search system, so sometimes you will have to call city agencies to get more information about your towed vehicle.

How to get your car back after being towed

If your car was towed, here is what to do in the following cities:

Atlanta – Find Towed car in Atlanta

AustinAustin Towed Car Locator Information – Austin Towed Car Locator

Baltimore – Find Car Towed in Baltimore

Boston – Locate Towed Vehicle in Boston

Charlotte– Locate Towed Car in Charlotte

Chicago -Find Towed Car in Chicago

Columbus – Towed Car Locator Columbus Ohio

Concord – Find towed vehicle in Concord, California

Dallas – Dallas Towed Car Locator

Denver – Denver Towed Vehicle Locator

Detroit – Find Car Towed In Detroit

El Paso – Find car Towed in El Paso

Fort Worth – find car towed in Fort Worth, Texas

Houston -Find Car Towed in Houston

Indianapolis Towed Vehicle Locator


Las Vegas – Find Car towed or stolen in Las Vegas

Los Angeles – Find Towed Car Los Angeles –  LOS ANGELES TOWED VEHICLE LOCATOR


Memphis – Find Car Towed in Memphis

Nashville Impounded Vehicle Locator

New Orleans– Locate Towed Car in New Orleans – Orleans Parish Towed Car Locator

New York City – Locate Vehicle Towed in New York City

Philadelphia – Locate Towed Car Philly – Find Towed Car Philadelphia

Phoenix – Locate Towed Vehicle in Phoenix



San Antonio

San Diego

San Francisco – Locate Vehicle Towed In San Francisco

Find Car Towed In San Jose -Locate Car Towed In Santa Clara

Seattle – Fine Car towed in Seattle Washington

Washington DC – Located Towed Car DC – Find Towed Car District of Columbia – Retrieve Car Towed Washington DC